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Short story by Jason Crabtree

By March 15, 2016 One Comment

My Animals and Carers

(Haiku In 5 Stanzas)


By Jason Crabtree


I – Elvis:

Lovely, small and furry

Thinking of ways to kill me

Hampered by gimp leg



II – Panda:

Silly, spaz, goof, fun

Forever pup, full of life

Farts and wonders who?



III – London:

Tummy rubs and food

Loves the poop from the horses

Can’t dogs live longer?



IV – Splash:

Crazy energy

Needs to learn from her sisters quickly

Doesn’t listen to me



V – The Vets:

Hailey, Tim, great vets

Meaghan, Kristin Va Va Voom!!

Cece and Sue rock too.


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