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Puppy Socialization.

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What is puppy socialization and why it’s so important?

All animals, including dogs, have a special sensitive period at the start of their lives. During this time, they learn to accept things around them so that they are not afraid of them later in life.

Puppy socialization involves meeting and having pleasant encounters with many things. Positive encounters are a must for the puppy to thrive.

Unfortunately a natural response of a fearful dog, if it has no means of escape, is aggression.

Why is socialization so important?

To be a successful pet, dogs need to get on well with other living creatures as well as coping with a variety of different everyday experiences. Puppies that are well socialized grow up to be friendly and well balanced with everybody and other animals.

Sadly, not all puppies are so lucky.

The most common cause of fear and aggression is lack of socialization.

A puppy does not have to be mistreated to become afraid of people or new experiences.

The time to start is now!

Good socialization is the best way to ensure a friendly, well-adjusted puppy.

More young dogs are euthanized because of behavioural problems than die from diseases we vaccinate against.

How do I socialize my puppy?

Socialization is easy – IT JUST HAS TO BE DONE!

Puppies need to experience as many encounters as possible during their first year of life, particularly during the sensitive period.

With any puppy, the time to start is NOW. Carefully arrange for your puppy to have several new experiences every day, making it positive.

Vaccinations and socialization. The doctor will explain and advise you on integrating the timing of these vaccinations with a good, safe socialization program.

Until your puppy is vaccinated, it should:

  • Not be allowed to mix with unvaccinated dogs.
  • Not be walked in areas where other dogs have been.
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