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This has been my pet peeve for as long as I can remember working in the Veterinary field.  The clients who think we are just in it for the money.  The client who feels we are just scamming them, charging too much.

Now saying this, we at Brock Street Animal Hospital have amazing clients and patients that do value what we have to offer, and for that I am grateful.   I can count on one hand clients that have voiced their opinion on the cost being too much.   I also work part-time at our local Emergency Clinic, I hear the comments there on a daily basis.  I understand that people are emotional when it comes to their pets, and finances can play a role in heightening the emotions.  But again, we all have to make a living and pay overheads.

I try to explain that we are not government funded, we are private businesses, run by Doctors and staff that have to make a living like everyone else.   We have equipment that the clinic has to buy, the same equipment that they use in human hospitals.  We have fully trained staff that got into the field due to their love of animals.   This does not mean that we should give our services free, or discounted, we still have families to support, mortgages to pay, and children to send off to University.

If we were to compare the care and pricing of our human counterparts, we are so much less, and there is not a wait list like there is if you’re a human.

We take such pride and care for our patients, that price does not enter into our minds when we are presenting a treatment plan.   Vet clinics are just like any other small business, it costs money to run a clinic, pay staff and maintain equipment.

We value what we do and that is why I know I get upset when someone says that we are just in it for the money, it offends me.

Our goal at the end of the day is to help your pet feel better, extend their life and make them happy.

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